Research Productivity in the Universities of Haryana: A Scientometric Analysis


  • Rohit . School of Library and Information Science, Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India



Research productivity, Haryana, State universities, Scientometric study, Scopus,


Purpose: To evaluate the research productivity in terms of year-wise growth, authorship patterns, preferred channels of scholarly communication and identify highly cited publications of the six state universities in Haryana using scientometric indicators. Methodology: For the current study, bibliographic data is extracted from Scopus through affiliation search tag. Data collection was restricted to the period of 2011-2020, as a decade is considered a good sample to study research growth. The complete records were downloaded in Microsoft Excel csv format and categorised into articles, conference papers, etc., with bibliographical details and author affiliations. Findings: The research output of the six state universities considered for study is continuously growing, with collaboration taking place within the state itself with other HEIs in the country and overseas too. The most significant number of papers were published by 3 authors, followed by 2 authors. The most preferred channels of communication, viz. journals and conference proceedings, were also analysed. The ‘AIP Conference Proceedings’ and ‘International Journal of Biological Macromolecules’ were the most preferred sources for research, and ‘Agriculture and Biological Sciences’ was the most prominent research area among selected state universities. Originality/Value: The research output of the six state universities in Haryana is studied in this paper, based on a scientometric analysis of their publications from 2011 to 2020, covering 12074 publications from Scopus. The results reflect the publication patterns, productivity of researchers, level of collaboration and productivity of the universities during the study period.

University-wise total Publications and h-index.




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., R. (2023). Research Productivity in the Universities of Haryana: A Scientometric Analysis. Journal of Data Science, Informetrics, and Citation Studies, 2(1), 42–50.