Guide for Authors

Authors are expected to see these guidelines carefully while submitting their paper to the journal. Instructions to authors are given separately, which has to be strictly followed.

We are finding a large number of papers being submitted, which are just counting of publications or patents. Articles should have a critical view and not just be merely descriptive. Mere trends, for example, without looking at what the trends imply don’t convey much meaning. Many papers lack clarity in terms of presentation, framing the proper objective and research questions, methodology, conclusion and implications of the study. Also, papers are submitted without paying attention to grammatical structure and correct English usage. The journal will not be interested in publishing these types of papers. Articles should draw what are the problems, gaps in research that need to be addressed.

Papers in the main body are sometimes using their names and affiliations. These papers will be technically rejected. Names and affiliations have to be given separately. Also, authors should take care that they should not reveal their identity when they are self-citing. 

The journal is positioning itself as an important research platform for those who are in scientometrics and cross-disciplinary scholars who exploit bibliometric based indicators in their research. This is one of the promising aspects that the journal pays attention to while accepting the papers i.e., to what extent the paper has contributed to the field and also is of interest to scholars from the cross-disciplinary background. The journal also wants to encourage articles that draw attention to contemporary state-of-art concerning the use of bibliometric indicators and other innovation indicators. Keeping this as the rationale, the authors should look very closely on these aspects:

  • The problem that the paper intends to address.
  • The treatment/methodology that is followed. How their approach will help to address the problems/objectives of the study.
  • The implications of the study.

The authors while submitting their paper are advised to explore the different categories available for submission to place their paper correctly in context. This also helps in properly evaluating paper in the peer-review process.