Quantifying the Evolution of Cooling Technologies Research: A Bibliometric Journey from 2012 to 2021


  • Mallikarjuna B Library and Information Centre, Government First Grade College and P.G. Centre, Channagiri, Davanagere, Karnataka, INDIA. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1964-3498
  • Mallikarjun Kappi Library and Information Centre, Government First Grade College, Jagalur, Davanagere, Karnataka, INDIA.




Bibliometric Analysis, Cooling Technologies, Research Landscape, Publication Output, Citation Impact, International Collaboration, Highly Cited Papers


This study presents a comprehensive analysis of the research landscape in cooling technologies from 2012 to 2021, focusing on publication output, citation impact, and collaborative patterns within the field. The findings reveal a consistent increase in global research output and citations, indicating a growing interest and impact. However, a decline in citations in 2021 suggests a need for further investigation into the factors influencing research visibility and impact. India’s research contribution to cooling technologies shows positive growth, but efforts are needed to enhance its visibility. The distribution of research publications across categories highlights the most prolific areas, such as “Energy Fuels,” “Thermodynamics,” and “Materials Science Multidisciplinary.” Key contributing countries include China, the USA, Germany, Italy, and the UK, with variations in citation impact per publication. International collaboration is prominent, with varying levels observed among countries. Highly cited papers and influential authors play a significant role in shaping the field. The multidisciplinary nature of cooling technologies research offers collaboration opportunities and avenues for further advancements. This analysis provides valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders in understanding the research landscape, identifying collaboration opportunities, and enhancing research impact within the domain of cooling technologies

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B, M. ., & Kappi, M. . (2023). Quantifying the Evolution of Cooling Technologies Research: A Bibliometric Journey from 2012 to 2021. Journal of Data Science, Informetrics, and Citation Studies, 2(2), 110–122. https://doi.org/10.5530/jcitation.2.2.15