Data Management for Social Scientists: From Files to Databases




Research Data, Research Data Management, Social Science Research, Relational Databases, RDM, R, Data Ethics, Reproducibility, Methodological Tools in the Social Sciences, Data Governance


The book titled “Data Management for Social Scientists: From Files to Databases” provides a comprehensive exploration of data management techniques and tools for social science researchers. In an era characterized by a data revolution, this book equips readers with the skills needed to effectively organize and process research data. It covers a wide spectrum of data management methods, ranging from basic tools like spreadsheets to more advanced technologies such as relational databases. The book emphasizes the importance of structured data and offers guidance on software tools like R and RStudio for statistical analysis. This book stands out for its accessibility and practicality, making it suitable for social scientists seeking to enhance their data management capabilities. It balances theoretical underpinnings with hands-on implementation, offering numerous real-world examples and access to code and data for replication and extension of results. Weidmann highlights the significance of data organization and structure, particularly in the context of relational databases, which require thoughtful consideration of table design and data linkage. While it introduces advanced topics, their coverage is less comprehensive. Ethical considerations in data management and in-depth discussion of research reproducibility are notably absent. However, it is a timely contribution to the field of social science research, offering valuable insights and practical guidance for academics and researchers in various disciplines. While it may be overwhelming for beginners and lacks comprehensive coverage of advanced topics, it serves as a valuable resource for those looking to improve their data management skills in the age of data-driven research.

Author Biography

Sanjoy Kar, Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

Sanjoy Kar is a young Information Specialist, Research Data Manager, and Archivist at the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK), a social science research center in India that is recognized by the ICSSR. He has eight years of experience in the fields of research data curation, management, and visualization for projects in the social science disciplines. He is also involved in research, teaching, and numerous professional activities with deep concern and commitment. His areas of interest include Research Evaluation Metrics (Scientometrics, Bibliometrics), Research Data Curation & Management, Open Science and Open Innovation, Digital Humanities, Metadata, Digital Curation and Management, Digital Archives, and Data Literacy. He is a member of several professional associations and learned societies, including ASIS&T, RDA, ILA, and the Council of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.


Data Management for Social Scientists: From Files to  Databases




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